• Tuesday. March 5, 2024


Simple Plus Ventures Limited fabricates quality metal storage tanks. We serve the needs of our customers (Government, Commercial, and Residential) from the time of inquiry to the final delivery and installation.

Based on time-tested concept in tank design and construction, the value and durability of our tank products have endeared the trust and confidence of thousands of satisfied customers.

Tanks larger than 5000 gallons capacity are structurally engineered to contain the volume and weight of water and offer resistance to external conditions such as wind, seismic and snow loads as mandated by the Uniform Building Code. Groundwater Storage Tanks should be specified large enough to handle peak demands and still retain a reserve independent of the rate of water flow from the source (i.e. well, spring, filter system, pump, or other water distribution system).

Our core Metal Tank Fabrication services include:

  • Potable Domestic Water Tanks
  • truck Tanks
  • Diesel Tanks
  • Tank Farms
  • etc

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