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Simple Plus Ventures Limited is majorly into distribution and transportation of the following petroleum products with good logistics in place to meet our customers desire and demands.

In ensuring the realization of our goal to strategically position the company as a market leader in Petroleum & Gas distribution by providing products and services that are consistently aligned to our customer's needs and expectations, we have put in place different infrastructural facilities.

Crude Oil marketing

Crude oil marketing to both local and international clients is a major service offered by Asolyn Nigeria Limited. Simple Plus Ventures Limited understands that the growing demand for energy worldwide requires unique ways of doing business and increasing supply.

Our Crude oil marketing services thrives on our supply chain which ensures availability of the product at all times, competitive prices, prompt delivery of whatever quantity delivered and excellent customer service.

Automotive Gas Oil (AGO)

Diesel serves as the major alternative to power supply in Nigeria and it is also ideal to power heavy duty road vehicles like trucks, tractors and buses. The growing demand for energy for business and transportation necessitates a unique and reliable source of AGO
Simple Plus Ventures Limited as part of its business model ensures delivery of AGO to end users in the upstream and downstream sector. By providing unique marketing and supply solutions to our numerous clients we help businesses and individuals get the energy they need.

Premium Motor Spirit (PMS)

Simple Plus Ventures Limited plans to provide the much needed energy for powering transport. With global urbanization comes the increase in vehicles and the need to power them. Petrol still remains the wide spread fuel for cars and with an increasing demand for cars so would there be an increase in demand for petrol. Our petrol sourced from quality refineries and meeting all local specifications provides that energy. Simple Plus Ventures Limited through its ever growing supply chain and service stations aims to bring energy to the average Nigerian.

Dual Purpose Kerosene (DPK)

Dual purpose kerosene (DPK) can be used as aviation fuel, and as cooking and heating oil hence its name dual purpose kerosene. Kerosene is still the most popular cooking oil used in the country because it is relatively affordable and not highly combustible.

Simple Plus Ventures Limited plans to supply Kerosene to homes, companies and individuals through its supply chain while ensuring it is unadulterated and the right quality.

Tank Farm

Simple Plus Tank farm is an immediate development plan of Simple Plus Ventures Limited. The tank facility with a storage capacity of 200,000MT would provide Simple Plus Ventures Limited and other oil companies with the storage needed for their products. The loading terminals would boast of being able to load up to 500 trucks per day, proper vehicular and human movement. They would also meet all safety requirements and International standards.

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