• Tuesday. March 5, 2024

Architectural Design

At Simple Plus Ventures Limited, we are focused on achieving client’s goals through detailed architectural design work,

Building & Construction

For period of years, we have devised design schemes for a wide range of buildings, from homes, offices,

Metal Fabrication

Simple Plus Ventures Limited has vast experience and knowledge in structural steel and metal fabricating

Calibration Service

Calibration of tanks commonly known as "Tank Strapping" is a science of accurately determining the volume in a

Building of Tanks

Simple Plus Ventures Limited fabricates quality metal storage tanks. We serve the needs of our customers.

Drilling Of Boreholes

A borehole is the generalised term for any narrow shaft drilled in the ground, either vertically or horizontally.

Oil & Gas

Simple Plus Ventures Limited is majorly into distribution and transportation of the following petroleum products with good


Simple Plus Haulage is a Logistics Management Consulting department of Simple Plus Ventures Limited.


Simple Plus Securities is a dynamic and innovative multitasking security service provider company with a high sense of